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 physio-works clinic 

Since we first opened our doors in 2000, in the Wallasey Road Clinic  we have grown into a busy and popular Physiotherapy Clinic that has developed a reputation for excellence

The physio clinic is based at 186 Wallasey Road, Wirral where it has been established since 2000 at this site. The appointment will be conducted in the building. The appointments are conducted within a clinical .setting

Home visits are available on request and when there is availability. Time out of clinic and distance from base will reflex in fees .


What to expect

What to wear

To assess the relevant body part will need to be seen and there is often and element of undressing. Please wear suitable underwear and shorts and vest tops are often best.


What happens on the first appointment?

A registration form will be required to be filled in if not already done. Questions will be asked about symptoms and problems. Some questions will be asked about past medical history and active daily living. The area of the body will be looked at and actives will be asked to perform.

Following the assessment, the finding will be discussed, and a treatment plan discussed.


Subsequent appointments

This is on an individual basis and will be discussed and advised. Some or all areas of the treatment may need to be reviewed, reassessed, modified or altered.


What does treatment consist of:

Physio-works offered a range of services and therapy, please see our service session. The major component is physiotherapy.

Treatments can range from:

  • Mobilization

  • Manual therapy

  • Electrotherapy

  • Exercises therapy

  • Functional rehabilitation

  • Fitness planning.

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Exercise Bands
Child Physiotherapy
Joint Pain Treatment
Resistance Exercise Band
Physiotherapy Clinic
Physiotherapy Treatment
Shoulder Treatment
Senior Physiotherapy
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